Best Phuket diving instructors - Iain and Oui

Diving With Passion

Being underwater is what we (Iain and Oui) love in life more than anything and something we wish to do as often as possible. We love to share our enthusiasm and dive experiences with students and certified scuba divers alike. We appreciate that your vacation time is precious and we try to do everything possible to give you not only the best experience of your holiday but maybe even of your life!

Between us we have taught diving courses to, and guided thousands of people from all different backgrounds, nationalities, ages and experience levels. To see the pure joy on the faces of those we dive with fills us with an unbelievable feeling! To be in the privileged position of doing what we love all year round is amazing.

Our daughter (Abbie) is now also a diver enabling us to have many underwater adventures as a family. We hope to get the chance to share our passion with you too!

Iain, the Boss
Iain underwater

That's me up above hanging out with the fishes! I just turned 50 years old and am an ex-IT consultant originally from the UK. I have always been a keen swimmer and snorkeller but for various reasons never got round to diving until I reached my early thirties.

Within seconds of taking my first breaths underwater I knew that I had finally found my place to be. I decided to quit my career and become a diving instructor. All my friends and family thought I had gone mad but, having worked for a long time in banking, I'm sure you can understand why I chose the alternative career choice!

I came to Thailand in 2002 for a Similan liveaboard trip and never left, deciding to live in the beautiful area of Karon, Phuket. The following year I met my wife and my fate was sealed. Fifteen years later I still can't get enough of being underwater even if it is just in a swimming pool. Becoming a dive instructor in Phuket was undoubtedly the second best decision I ever made (the best was to marry my wife, of course!).

Oui, the Real Boss
Oui underwater

My wife (age unavailable although she swears she's 21!) is originally from Bangkok. At the age of 15 she then moved to northern Sweden, quite a change in both culture and temperature. After completing her education there she worked in a variety of positions including teaching children and young adults.

Oui got badly bitten by the diving bug whilst on holiday in Kata, Phuket in 2003 visiting friends and family. She decided to move back to Phuket, Thailand to work in diving. As well as being well known as a fantastic and enthusiastic dive instructor (and for her love of food!) she is also fluent in Swedish, English and Thai making her the linguist in our family.

You will never meet a more passionate and enthusiastic diver than Oui. Even after fourteen years teaching diving she cannot bear to miss even one day underwater and has openly admitted preferring to go diving than stay at home with her family. Luckily, as we all dive, we do get to spend some times together, mainly underwater!

Abbie, the New Boss
Abbie underwater

The most recent introduction to the Sharkey team in Phuket is our wonderful daughter, Abbie. As the title suggests she has now taken over the show! With her mixture of energetic enthusiasm and love of the water she is the new generation of divers.

Born in January 2007, she is becoming a budding dive instructor already. She was able to swim without any flotation aids before she turned two. Since then she developed a love of snorkelling and finally got to dive on her 8th birthday. Her favourite fish on the dive were lionfish! On the day of her 10th birthday she started her full dive certification and passed her PADI Open Water course shortly afterwards.

Although she suffers from mild seasickness, Abbie still loves to come on the boats at weekends and during the school holidays. She loves to join the snorkellers and point out all the different types of fishes that can be seen. Copying her parents' belief in great customer service, she may even make you a cup of tea or coffee in between the dives!

Three Reasons To Dive With Us

With so many choices of who to dive with in Phuket, why choose us? Here are three good reasons:

  • Safety: This should be the first priority of every diver when diving anywhere, especially in a new place. With over 30 years between us of diving in Phuket we have an excellent safety record. This is due to our vast experience of diving in general but also because of our local knowledge. Our focus is on preventing problems from occurring rather than having to solve them.
  • Quality: We started our own diving company in Phuket because we felt unable to offer the quality we wanted when working for the bigger companies. Rather than being about profits we wanted to be about personal service. This is why we became the first dive company to offer scuba diving courses in Phuket with only private instruction. We continue to do this and to stay small rather than give up our principles and make more money.
  • Fun: You don't dive because you have to, you dive to have fun. Us too! There is no place on this planet that we prefer to be than underwater. We never get bored of being surrounded by fishes. If we can help you to have as much fun diving as we do then it will probably be the best experience of your time in Phuket!

Experience of Diving in Phuket

Oui Iain Abbie
Level Instructor since 2003 Instructor since 2002 Junior Open Water Diver
No. of Dives 10,000+ 7,000+ 35+
Students Taught Thousands Thousands None Yet
Languages Swedish, English, Thai English English, Thai

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Instructor Qualifications

Instructor Level Oui Iain
PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 2004 2002
Emergency First Responder Instructor
Care for Children with AED Instructor
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty Instructor
Deep Diver Specialty Instructor
Digital Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Specialty Instructor
Drift Diver Specialty Instructor
Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver Specialty Instructor
Fish Identification Specialty Instructor
Multi-Level Diver Specialty Instructor
Night Diver Specialty Instructor
Oxygen First Aid Instructor
Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor
Project AWARE Specialty Instructor
Sea Turtle Identification Specialty Instructor
Search and Recovery Specialty Instructor
Tec Rec Gas Blender Instructor
Underwater Naturalist Specialty Instructor
Underwater Navigation Specialty Instructor
Underwater Photography Specialty Instructor
Whale Shark Awareness Specialty Instructor
Wreck Diver Specialty Instructor