Scuba diving courses Phuket

Scuba Diving Courses Phuket

Whatever you wish to study during your life it makes sense to learn with teachers who are experts in their field. Just as important is to be taught by someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about what they are teaching.

Not only do we (Oui and Iain) have over 30 years of diving experience between us but also we love what we do and consider it a privilege to share this love with as many people as we can. Whether you are looking to experience the amazing underwater world for the first time or a very experienced diver we feel we have many things to offer you. Passion, patience and thoroughness are our main attributes plus to have fun!

Read on to find out about the wide range of courses and subjects you can experience during your dream vacation in Phuket. We hope you choose to share your time with us.

Beginner Courses

Beginner diving courses Phuket

There are many different options available for those looking to go diving for the first time. The choice made can depend on a number of different factors including vacation time limits, comfort in water and personal budget. Whichever course you choose we guarantee it will be taught by someone who loves to dive and share their knowledge with you in a patient and calm way. This will help to keep your stress levels low and enjoyment levels high, all under the safe eye of your own private instructor.

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Advanced Diver Courses

Advanced diving courses Phuket

If you are already a certified PADI Open Water diver then the next step is to complete either your PADI Adventure diver or Advanced Open Water diver certification. Gain extra knowledge, confidence and diving experience but also remove depth limit restrictions imposed on you as an Open Water diver. By taking the Deep adventure dive you can increase your depth limits from 18 to 30 metres allowing you to visit dive sites otherwise inaccessible and also to increase your insurance coverage.

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EFR/Rescue Diver

Emergency First Responder/Rescue diver course Phuket

During our lives we have all suffered cuts and bruises, feeling ill and other minor incidents. Unfortunately, we will also either witness or be directly involved in an accident or serious problem situation. Knowing how to help or even take control can be invaluable. With the correct training we can learn not only how to deal with minor issues but also to reduce the seriousness of an incident. We could possibly even save someone's life. This is where the Emergency First Responder and Rescue Diver courses become very useful.

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Specialty Courses

Specialty diving courses Phuket

There are so many areas of interest within diving itself. For some people it is the thrill of discovering and penetrating a new wreck. For others it is recording all those special moments on their underwater cameras. Some just like being underwater and perfecting their buoyancy to be able to enjoy that true feeling of weightlessness. We have many specialty courses on offer to help you explore your own personal interests and enhance your diving experiences.

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Refresher Program

Refresher program Phuket

If you already a certified diver but have not dived for a while then this one day program gives you a great opportunity to refresh your diving knowledge and skills. Take a quiz to assess your understanding, practice some skills prior to diving and then enjoy two or three dives at the amazing dive sites of Phuket or Phi Phi. This course is recommended for anyone who hasn't dived for a period of six months or longer.

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Divemaster Course

PADI Divemaster course Phuket

The PADI Divemaster course is a major step in your diving life taking you from recreational to professional level. It is a great opportunity for either those who wish to build a career in diving or who would just like to improve their diving knowledge and skills to a professional level. During this course you learn many aspects of being a dive professional including dive theory, assisting student divers and guiding certified divers.

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