Emergency First Responder Course Phuket

Emergency First Responder Course

  • Course Duration: Half day
  • Availability: Every day
  • Minimum Age: 10 years old
  • Experience Required: None
  • Instruction: Private. Read more
  • Online Discounts Available: Yes. Read more

Course Outline

Pre-Course Study

Prior to the course watch the Emergency First Responder video either online before you arrive in Phuket OR in the comfort of your own hotel. Read through the Emergency First Responder manual in preparation for the first day of your course.

Day One

  • In the relaxed environment of our office start by discussing with your own private instructor what you saw in the Emergency First Response DVD and read in the manual.
  • Next, start putting into practice all the theory you have been learning. Firstly your instructor will talk through and demonstrate each skill in the order you will use them in an accident scenario. After each skill has been demonstrated it will be your turn to have a go.
  • Finally, continue with the role play and see how you get on handling some imaginary accident scenarios, and finish with a small exam to reinforce the day's work.

Primary Care

Amongst other things on the course you will learn the ABCD's of primary care, essential in life threatening situations:

  • A: Assess Scene, Alert EMS, Airway
  • B: Breathing check, Rescue Breaths
  • C: Circulation Check, Chest Compressions
  • D: Defibrillation
  • S: Serious Bleeding, Shock Management, Spinal Injury


  • Standard price: 4,900 baht per student
  • 1 student: 10% online discount = 4,410 baht per student
  • 2 students: 15% online discount = 4,165 baht per student
  • 3 or more students: 20% online discount = 3,920 baht per student

What's Included (no hidden extras)

  • Private instruction. Read More.
  • PADI certification costs.
  • EFR Participant's manual to keep (one per student),


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