Emergency First Response

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Emergency First Response Course Phuket

Course Duration Half day
Availability Every day
Minimum Age 10 years old
Experience Required None
Instruction Private

Program Outline

The Emergency First Response course helps you to build confidence to provide care when faced with a medical emergency. Participants learn and practice the same patient care techniques and principles used by medical professionals. Our Emergency First Response course covers adult CPR and first aid skills plus emergency oxygen use. Courses are specifically designed to meet national and international standards for CPR and first aid courses in the workplace.

With a few simple steps, learn skills that could save someone's life.

Steps Action
One Prior to the course watch the Emergency First Response video either online before you arrive in Phuket OR in the comfort of your own hotel. Read through the Emergency First Response manual and complete some quizzes in preparation for the first day of your course.
Two In the relaxed environment of our office start by discussing with your own private instructor what you saw in the Emergency First Response video and read in the manual.
Three Start putting into practice all the theory you have been learning. Firstly your instructor will talk through and demonstrate each skill in the order you will use them in an accident scenario. After each skill has been demonstrated it will be your turn to have a go.
Four Continue with the role play and see how you get on handling some imaginary accident scenarios. Finish with a small exam to reinforce the day's work.

Private Instruction

To enable us to give you the best learning experience, we only offer private tuition for all our courses in Phuket.

Online Booking Discounts

Online booking discounts of between 5% and 20% are available on all course prices depending on the number of students. Terms and conditions apply.

Course Pricing


  • Standard price: 4,900 baht per student
  • 1 student: 10% online discount = 4,410 baht per student
  • 2 students: 15% online discount = 4,165 baht per student
  • 3 or more students: 20% online discount = 3,920 baht per student

What's Included

  • Private instruction
  • EFR certification costs.
  • EFR Participant's manual to keep (one per student),