PADI Rescue Diver Course Phuket

PADI Rescue Diver Course Phuket

Program Duration Three days
Availability Every day
Minimum Age 12 years old
Certification Level Needed Advanced Diver
Swimming Ability Needed Good
Instruction Private


In just a few days, learn how to become more self-sufficient as a diver and also how to help other divers in a problem situation. Note: We only offer a three day option for this course. With many years of teaching this course we believe that an absolute minimum of three days is needed to train students properly in rescue diver techniques.


To take this course all students must have the following:

  • Advanced Open Water cerificate.
  • Proof of current medical first aid training (including CPR). If you do not have this then you will need to take our Emergency First Responder course. More info on can be found on our Emergency First Responder section.

PADI Dive Course Phuket

With a few simple steps you can become a PADI Rescue diver in Phuket.

Steps Action
Self-Study Before the course starts, watch a video online on rescue techniques and complete some questionnaires.
Day One Start by spending the first hour or so completing the study sections by the poolside. This then leaves almost a whole day to practice 10 main dive skills in the pool to prepare you thoroughly for future Rescue scenarions. Skills include: how to deal with a panicking diver, search for a missing diver, surfacing an unconscious diver and giving in-water rescue breaths.
Day Two Continue to practice rescue techniques but this time either at Kata Beach (if conditions are OK) or from a day trip diving boat. During the day repeat all the skills learnt the previous day but this time in the open water.
Day Three Either at the beach or on a day trip diving boat, expect the unexpected with some final rescue scenarios to test the skills you learnt over the previous two days.

Self-study before the course

Nobody wants to sit in a classroom while on holiday if it can be avoided. This is why, as soon as online learning became available, we decided to offer our students the chance to complete most of the study in advance of their course. This also gives us almost a whole day in the swimming pool to help you get used to being underwater and to teach you necessary dive techniques rather than spending half of it behind a desk. This results in a more comfortable, safer and fun experience for our guests at no extra charge.

Swimming Ability

As many skills involve swimming towards and towing of rescue victims, all students should have good swimming ability and a reasonable level of physical fitness.

Three Reasons To Dive With Us

With so many choices of who to dive with in Phuket, why choose us? Here are three good reasons:

  • Safety: This should be the first priority of every diver when diving anywhere, especially in a new place. With over 30 years between us of diving in Phuket we have an excellent safety record. This is due to our vast experience of diving in general but also because of our local knowledge. Our focus is on preventing problems from occurring rather than having to solve them.
  • Quality: We started our own diving company in Phuket because we felt unable to offer the quality we wanted when working for the bigger companies. Rather than being about profits we wanted to be about personal service. This is why we became the first dive company to offer diving courses in Phuket with only private instruction. We continue to do this and to stay small rather than give up our principles and make more money.
  • Fun: You don't dive because you have to, you dive to have fun. Us too! There is no place on this planet that we prefer to be than underwater. We never get bored of being surrounded by fishes. If we can help you to have as much fun diving as we do then it will probably be the best experience of your time in Phuket!

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There are a number of different diving organisations offering dive certifications but the PADI training is undoubtedly the best. Study techniques include visual (watching a video), book learning (from the manual) and practical application. The study materials and course programs are clear and easy to follow which is why, although you can find cheaper courses elsewhere, PADI is by far the largest dive organisation in the world!

Private Instruction

To enable us to give you the safest and best diving experience, we only offer private tuition for all our diving courses in Phuket. Read about how this benefits you here.

Online Booking Discounts

Online booking discounts of between 5% and 20% are available on all course prices depending on the number of students. Terms and conditions apply.


Certified divers and snorkellers are welcome to join on the trips too. Certified divers can receive a 10% discount off the standard trip price if diving with the student(s). Full trip price list here.

Program Packages/Prices


Beach Only
Three Days

  • Normal Price: 14,400 baht each
  • 1 student: 13,680 baht each
  • 2 students: 12,240 baht each
  • 3+ students: 11,520 baht each


Three Days

  • Normal Price: 16,400 baht each
  • 1 student: 15,580 baht each
  • 2 students: 13,940 baht each
  • 3+ students: 13,120 baht each


4 Boat Dives
Three Days

  • Normal Price: 18,400 baht each
  • 1 student: 17,480 baht each
  • 2 students: 15,640 baht each
  • 3+ students: 14,720 baht each


5 Boat Dives
Three Days

  • Normal Price: 19,400 baht each
  • 1 student: 18,430 baht each
  • 2 students: 16,490 baht each
  • 3+ students: 15,520 baht each

Note: Due to weather conditions, the Bronze/Silver packages are only available between end of October and end of April.

What's Included (no hidden extras)

Item Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Private Instructor
PADI Rescue Diver Manual
PADI Certification Costs
Destination Kata Beach Kata Beach/Racha Yai Racha Yai Only Racha Noi/Yai Islands
Boat Trip
Hotel Transfers*
Scuba Equipment
Dive Insurance

*Complimentary transfers are only included for boat trips. Free transfers to/from hotels are from the following towns: Chalong, Kamala, Kata, Karon, Patong, Rawai. Transfers are also available from other areas around Phuket for a small surcharge. Prices available on request.

Dive Sites

Kata Beach

A cute, little reef with a variety of hard corals and lots of colourful fishes.

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Racha Yai Island

Generally clear water, wonderful marine life with dives in sheltered bays.

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Racha Noi Island

A great mix of landscapes/marine life where larger wildlife can be spotted including turtles.

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